Generative You


Generative You

Upgrading the nature of leadership

towards an ecological civilisation

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Generative You

Upgrading the nature of leadership

towards an ecological civilisation

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Phenomenal Conversations #13 : Pioneering Regenerative Higher Education


19.00-21.00 CET online

Bas van de Berg suggets that there are two key elements, that enable regenerative higher education programmes to suceed. One is to engage in place based, on the ground, systemic change initiatives which are also truly transformative for local stakeholders and students as well as the system itself. Another is for entire higher education institutions or even the wider system transformation, Bas recommends a strategic approach, as opposed to supporting specialist niches that have a limited impact on the host university or institutional ways of functioning. Do join our exploration of education that integrates head heart and hand!

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Phenomenal Conversations #13 : Pioneering Regenerative Higher Education


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28 March 2023

............In an epoch of civilisational flux, never before have there been such
conducive conditions, to for us to
usher in the unprecedented and the
almost unimaginable, to co-create
the more beautiful world.

This challenge requires a new synthesis, a mindful integral evolutionary form of leadership. One in which we harness the perennial wisdoms of the ages with radically profound ecologies of being, knowing and doing. Resulting in a conscious leadership that is deeply informed by the nestedness of self, of others and of systems which is unafraid to align with the creative cosmos.

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With a huge range of life experiences never settling for comfort or the ordinary. I have explored and traversed the inner and outer regions of personal, collective and systemic transformative potential. I have a passion for possibility and therefore offer unique perspectives and wisdom threaded throughout all my unique business services, including but not limited to the offerings below;



Join my experiential Generative Leadership courses programmes and materials which lead you towards an unshakable confidence your role in the life process



The mega meta story of evolution offers a surprising upgrade on uncovering meaning and purposeful livelihoods in the 21st century. I facilitate and cultivate spaces, where clients you can connect to and empower yourself, while catalysing others to generate, a profound impact on self, others and local ecosystems



Without our committed shared enquiry together into our species' purpose and role in this moment of chaos and inflection, our human survival may be in peril. Phenomenal conversations attempt to connect head, heart and hand to activate collective intelligence, while exploring critical issues for our time.



The enormous liberatory potential that is the source of mindful experience, can offer you a more than profound anchor to the essence of the life experience. I will assist you and other sincere practitioners and seekers to adopt beingness as foundational to their identity


From Generative Leadership Courses

You enabled the innermost core of my being to become stronger more articulate and more fully present. I now act in a way that is in harmony with the higher principles that govern how the world is working generatively. I can now sleep well at night and can make decisions based on trust and knowing rather than fear and doubt

Founder CEO Renewable Energy company Canada

Kindness, humility and wisdom all in one beautiful package!! Your intention to give out with magnitude, and the time you dedicated to making this course and us be the best possible. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

CEO Wilderness NGO UK

Dave is a good man, kind and smart. Meeting and getting to know him in different groups and communities like Campus Coevolve, C4RE, Ulab 1x and 2x Amsterdam, I can also say that I consider him to be one of the best in guiding meditations, moderating groups and conversations. I look back in gratitude and want to thank him for our synergistic co-creation and wish him all the best with lots of success with any of his new endeavours.

Governor Health organisation Netherlands (Collaborator on numerous projects)

I think the fact that the participants were so open, honest, vulnerable and sincere during the sessions is due to your example and leadership

Higher Education Lecturer/Educator Netherlands


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