Co-Creating Regenerative Cultures

A Six Week Course to Develop
and Grow Regenerative Awareness

This course is designed for people who wish navigate towards that more beautiful regenerative world.

We live in uncertain times, with a number of possibilities lying in the chaos of our disrupted world, civilizational collapse, species or extinction - even our own!, for example. The conscious development of a regenerative worldview can be a north star in the storms that lie ahead.

Are you longing
for a more regenerative world ?

Then join this six week course which designed to enable, a more potent embrace of a Regenerative World View, through a practically oriented programme bridging theoretical knowledge with tangible practice for real-world applications and outcomes.

Course Outcomes

  • Experience learn and practice and develop four core qualities of regenerative worlding.
  • Work interact and learn from pioneers who exemplify generative change in their work and personal lives.
  • Engage with a cohort of the curious willing and adventurous participants.
  • Develop a diverse suite of practices and tools to apply in your own life circumstance.
Programme Overview

Engage in a carefully curated impactful learning pathway

A 5-6 session mini-course to introduce, build, develop and upgrade regenerative presence, agency, community and growth. Featuring leading practitioner pioneers, active in systems change, in their daily lives and spheres of work.

The course is designed to be highly accessible, practical and applicable in participants' regular life and work. This strikingly interactive interrelational offering, will provide access to deeper, more profound learning that increases participants ability to live, act and work regeneratively.

Course Benefits
What you will receive after your enrollment

6 Live sessions all of which will be recorded.

All chats will be edited and saved.

Intimate cohort with peer group learning.

Interact directly with pioneers living the change.

Practicable applicable and relevant learning methods and frameworks.

This course is not focussed exclusively on the knowledge, information and technical aspects of regeneration. Also it will not provide quick answers, tips, hints, hacks, and shortcuts or off pat solutions to complex problems.

Also not a course that focuses on healing trauma, or primarily oriented around individual psychological circumstances

Four Core Qualities of Regenerative Systems

The key focus of the course is to enable you, to inhabit a regenerative worldview. Through experimentation practice so over time you can embed and embody these four qualities at the center of your life.

Regenerative Presence

The ability to show up as a whole person, open, awake and alert, to whatever the situation demands or needs. (individually & collectively)

Regenerative Community

Collaborate cooperate with self, other, and nature to co-create the conditions for emergence and regeneration

Regenerative Agency

Making conscious choices that create generative outcomes which uplift evolve the health and vibrancy of host systems 

Regenerative Growth

Participants will be creating outcomes via their Presence, Agency, and Community efforts. It’s like a seed, who’s DNA affords their local ecosystem to replicate it for growth around the planet.

Meet the faculty

Through this integrated, carefully crafted, learning pathway you can engage directly with pioneers already living the change, and coalescing head, heart and soul. Through their deeply lived experience of pioneering regenerative and transformative outcomes, you will definitely benefit from each of their distinct, yet customised contributions. They will also build on each other's offerings to create an impactful, holistic, developmental fractals of regenerative change.

Dave Pendle; I am synthesising almost 30 years experience in non profit enterprises with over 40 years of deep personal development experience. Passionate about enabling your sense of fulfilment, impact and trust, to engage wholeheartedly with inspiration and commitment to co-create a regenerative world.

Dave Pendle

Course Convenor, Founder of Generative You

Lorenz Sell is the co-founder of, a platform designed around Transformational group learning experiences online. Sutra has supported programs at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, the United Nations, the Presencing Institute.

Lorenz Sell

Founder of Sutra, expert in Transformational Learning

Michelle Holliday is a consultant, facilitator, author and researcher. Her work centers around “thrivability” — a set of perspectives and practices based on a view of organizations and communities as dynamic, living systems.

Michelle Holliday

Author, Thrivability Maven

Graham Boyd is the author of Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You and the Ergodic Investor and Entrepreneur to design inherently regenerative enterprises, capable of solving our global challenges. He is also a serial entrepreneur, particle physicist and disruptive innovator

Graham Boyd

Author, Founder of Evolute Six

Sophie is a ‘nature-positive’ change catalyst, a sustainable Business and Leadership Transformation Coach, a Regenerative Entrepreneur, Teacher, Educator, Keynote Speaker, trusted Board Advisor, Purpose Expert, Leader and Spiritual Guide.She empowers leaders and businesses to transform on Purpose, becoming regenerative forces for good creating nature-positive impact for nature to thrive..

Sophia Wisbrun-Overakker

Founder, Doing Business Doing Good

Curtis is senior associate to the Interaction Institute for Social Change. He brings to IISC experience in education, community building, leadership development and program design, as well as a passion for efforts that support environmental sustainability. Prior to joining IISC, Curtis was the Program and Knowledge Manager of the Building Excellent Schools Fellowship for aspiring urban charter school founders.

Curtis Ogden

Catalysing Social Change

Who is this for

Executives who recognise that a regenerative approach to  business is the most robust and sustainable model to endure coming global disruptions.

Formal and Informal Educators who wish design and deliver educational programmes that enable students to step forwards with awareness and purpose in a civilization in decline.

Intrapreneurs who care deeply passionate about cultivating the conditions that enable transformative change in their host organizations.

NGO leaders and advocates that perceive the necessity for this sector, to free itself from the shackles of neoliberalism and co-create a world that works for all

Consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators who want to develop a regenerative mindset, to inform their client focus work based on an earth positive orientation

HR professionals who perceive that a regenerative approach to learning and development is the most appropriate way to foster a healthy vibrant and dynamic organic organizational culture

Dave's Testimonials
What others have said about Dave’s courses and offerings:
I still think of your master class on the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness every now and then, even though it has been more than a year. It was during that class that my longing for meditation was truly awakened, and with that my spiritual heart got further ignited.

Franka - Human Flow Coordinator at Ananda Kalyani

"Dave is a wonderful trainer with a lot of knowledge and wisdom.I recently followed the U-lab course under his guidance which was a truly joyful and fruitful experience. I gathered a lot of new insights and knowledge that I could implement directly in my daily life. Dave is a very warm person with whom I instantly felt at ease."

Raphaela - Concert Musician and Haptotherapist

If you are someone with a conscious concern for the well-being of humanity and our planet, Dave is the person to connect with. He can help amplify your natural regenerative leadership capacities, guiding you to sources of courage, renewal, and trust. His work is especially beneficial for reflective, dynamic educators or system change agents struggling to realize their full potential and create transformative shifts in their fields.

Zen - Cognitive Scientist Futurist & Philosopher


Program Schedule:

A six week mini course online from late April to early June 2024 on Zoom, planned for Wednesdays 18.30-21.00 CET

Wednesday March 20th, 2024 18.30 - 19.30 CET

Free Fireside Preview & Chat

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Wednesday April 3rd, 2024

Free Fireside Preview & Chat

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Wednesday April 17th, 2024

Week 1

Introductory Module
with Dave

Introductions, Agreements, and Overview
Exploration of Regenerative Cultures
Build Learning Cohort, Core Nature and Embodiment Practices

Wednesday May 1st, 2024

Week 2

ReGenerative Presence

Develop consistent presence under pressure
Renew personal resources when challenged
Learn to Creatively Connect in Complexity

Lorenz + Dave

Wednesday May 15th, 2024

Week 3

ReGenerative Agency

From Learned Helplessness to Regenerative Agency Dave + Graham

Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

Week 4

ReGenerative Community

Living System Design/Building Community
With Dave + Michelle

Wednesday May 29th, 2024

Week 5

ReGenerative Living Systems

Love & Flow in living systems

Dave + Curtis

Wednesday June 5th, 2024

Week 6

ReGenerative Growth

Practical Takeaways

Dave + Sophie

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