Become a Regenerative Leader and co-create a thriving world



Reform the Nature of Leadership


As a leader of progressive change as you may be discovering, there is pressing demand to discover new capabilities to generate, move and lead yourself and others into rapidly changing emerging realities.


Participate in a diverse and very original
series of Generative Leadership educational
and learning experiences and materials.

A series of standalone Generative Leadership Masterclasses.

Price: Discounts per person for full package of six
Single workshop - Three affordable rates
Length: 6 half days


I build your latent leadership capabilities through integrating the intelligences of head, heart and hand as outlined in the Nine Characteristics of Generative Leadership. Through deep diving into your needs I  grow your leadership edge by asking existential questions, enabling existential creativity thus developing existential confidence.

One of the many methodologies I utilise is to educate, train and exemplify the essence of the mindfulness experience, to encourage you to let go of habits, patterns and behaviours that do not nourish your best self and or impair business or organisational development.

An Introductory course in Generative Leadership

Price: € Three bands of affordable rates
Length: 16 weeks of 2 hour learning sessions

A downloadable workbook designed to uncover core components of your natural leadership gifts and qualities
Also on the drawing board is a (Re)Generative
Leadership programme.



Dialogues that touch head heart and soul


Our disrupted world with its economic, political, social and environmental systems all in an increasingly precarious state. Requires a fully awake human reckoning and calls for us all to enter into unprecedentedly deep engagement with each other.


My showcase series of Phenomenal Conversations focusing on intriguing and compelling topics such as; Transcendence, Wonder, Regenerative Leadership, Rebellion, Collaboration, and Deep Learning . These conversations will be at first conducted through a Q& A with experts or activists in the chosen themes. These will be complemented with small group discussions with a full harvest

Fees vary according to speaker and topic


Phenomenal conversations are designed to bring people closer to themselves, each other and the issues at hand, through bringing collective heads, hearts and hands into creative alignment.

Methods utilised include customized Climate Conversations, Knowledge Cafe’s, Action Learning Sets, plus tools of Generative Communication. All of which are designed to energise collective resources towards organisational renewal for systemic change.



Synthesise revelation with action


The timeless essence of the deepest and most profound mindfulness experiences is liberation. Accessing and letting go into this ultimate realm of consciousness, takes time, practice, intention and attention. In doing so I help you develop existential confidence


Engaged Mindfulness is the ongoing, never ending reinvention of insight, revelation and joy, that a fully committed shared investigation of mindfulness can bring to the forefront of consciousness.

1-1 Mentoring sessions, individual & group enquiry sessions
Guided audio recordings with multiple experiential modalities
Guided mindfulness and meditations
sessions as well as keynotes talks/lectures/retreats


I can provide and offer experiences, to you, through one on one, or collective dialogue aiming to shift limiting assumptions, which are impairing the simplicity, ease, and access to the core experience of mindfulness. These shared explorations open up the core freedom at the heart of consciousness. Then we design pathways and practices together that make this freedom more readily available to you.


For Individuals a series of six one on one mentoring sessions

Prices on application

Group mentoring sessions for groups of 4-6 people

Prices depend on size and ability to pay

Retreats Keynotes Lectures

Price on application



Develop adaptive organizations for social and planetary benefit.


Deeply obscured fault lines lie in our current civilizational culture which give rise in individuals and cultures, massive overloads of ambiguity, existential doubt, ambivalence, eco anxiety, numbness, alienation, detachment and distraction. These emotional fissures most likely are in part due, to the fact that the risks of human extinctions are ‘dangerously unexplored’.


I offer you hugely meaningful portals into the evolutionary cosmic flow. I offer a range of Evolutionary Impactful learning journeys. These can be crafted for you the individual or whole team learning journeys.

These offer include but are not limited to;
Theory U tools and practices, activating individual or team leadership development for awareness based systems change, using online and offline learning materials and sessions
Creative arts-based methods, for participative change
Evolution centred frameworks including spiral dynamics, integral theory, and embodied practice.
Setting up learning communities using action learning and action research learning and knowledge cafe's

Fees are discussed on application


Exploring and experiencing the long arc of evolutionary history, including the development and origins of our species, offers a wonderful reframing of meaning and purpose for 21st century living. Opening up for individuals and organisations previously inconceivable avenues of higher potential, possibility and earthcentred enriching action.

WHO i w0rk with


You are a highly educated change maker or visionary entrepreneur, social changemaker, educator, teacher, coach or trainer with the insight and vision to have yourself invested in yourself and are familiar with some of the landscape of inner development.

You are beginning to make or have already made, a substantial difference within your chosen field of expertise. You also may be passionate about regeneration and work in social enterprises or a benefit corporation, or even in health education or social sectors or the field of well being while being very active and passionate about systemic change in any or all of these sectors.

Whole System Oriented

Combined with your desires to make a substantial impact in your chosen field, you are also passionate about human development. You aim for those you work with to flourish and  to deliver services that achieve a degree of a thriving livelihood, within all the interpersonal spheres and material ecosystems within which you operate.


Nevertheless despite all the wonderful work that you have achieved you might have a nagging feeling or undermining insecurity, that your achievements are not real. Or you might have a strong sense that despite your achievements and learning, you have a far greater realisable potential that may feel just out of reach.


You may be able to list the multiple roles that you play and eclectically flex and flow and play, whatever role any circumstance may demand. Yet underneath you may experience a core sense that all these constituent parts are not yet fully integrated into the depths of your being. You may sometimes sense that the substance beneath needs strengthening. That the faith, trust and manifestation of your highest future potential has still yet to be revealed in its true glory.

Sense of Potential

You may also be conscious of deep seated existential anxieties, ambivalence and ambiguity about your path in the world. You may understandably feel on some levels that your personal and professional impacts are, if not negligible, mostly inadequate to the challenges that the planet faces. Additionally you may also have a sense of untapped potential that the inner development work you have done so far, has limitations, restrictions, or no longer serves your personal evolution. Somehow you have outgrown and outlasted all previous strategies, systems and models that once supported and inspired you. So this is the moment to step out on a limb and take a stand for your highest possibility and engage with me!


Discover core components of your natural leadership gifts and qualities.

Download the free workbook
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