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Exemplifying the more

beautiful world together

Developing codes of integrity, wholeness, goodness, truth and beauty together.

Many of my materials include the information and knowledge necessary for a cognitive grasp of Generative Leadership. Yet more importantly, what I offer you, is a potentially radically transformative vision of your purpose on the planet and your role in the cosmos. This takes intention, attention, commitment and creativity. Because I carry codes of integrity, wholeness, goodness, truth and beauty and transmit these in everything I do. I help you access a sense of the deeper potential of a world that works for all. I can truly guide you, as I have been tested and forged in the fires, trials and tribulations of a fully lived life, while staying true to my deeper purpose, in my work, my relationships, while on retreat, or while living in a spiritual community.

My story a
summary so far

Previously I experienced a nearly thirty year career in the United Kingdom, carrying out non-profit work, largely with excluded children and young adults. This ranged from front facing service delivery, to project management and quality improvement to innovation and workforce development. Achievements included whole service restructuring and redevelopment, multiple million pound project delivery, pioneering a social work education unit, organising national and international conferences. For a global education charity I ran an international speaker series, including a first introduction of Cradle to Cradle to the UK with Michael Braungart in 2005. I also enjoyed, in parallel, years of personal and spiritual development, which I hardly ever explicitly brought into my work.

Towards the end of this phase, in mid 2016, with my now wife who is Dutch, we commuted between London and Amsterdam, then after three years taking a big risk, moving to settle in the Netherlands. Ever since I moved, I have focused on  realising  a long held dream, to integrate my spiritual depth and wisdom with my professional knowledge, in order to develop a commercial enterprise. These capacities and experiences form the pillars of my leadership development business ‘Generative You’.

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............Let us embark upon a never ending search for knowledge and information that contradicts, disrupts and shines light on our ignorance. In this compelling journey towards light means we will-always-ever be in a process of development. Let us endeavour to cultivate these multidimensional capacities in our waking life towards a thriving world

These are the capacities that I find currently most energising;


Always learning from the future to add value, create, restore and generate the best that life has to offer.


What I practice I become. We are all works in progress, our cosmos, planet ourselves are in a continual process, practice and becoming are the anchors to unfolding a new paradigm.


Energy follows attention by paying attention to the blind spot from which most value creation arises, systems can be shifted to generative outcomes.


As an expert in inner development I have traversed far flung inner and outer landscapes where most others would not have not travelled. While being fully active in the field, I have risked more, experienced oceans of loss and grief, and let go of significantly more, than the majority would experience in lifetimes. I have walked the walk, talked the talk and walked the talk. I live and breathe to express the energy of what is possible. I endeavour to act from the emerging future to enable potential paradigmatic/civilisational shifts. I endeavour to live up as closely as possible to my word, always ever attempting to align my words with my deeds, and vice versa. I carry personal authority as an expert in my own experience. I relate at a soul depth. I endeavour to transmit the universal cosmic archetypal and endeavour to breathe new myths into being.

As a host as a guide, as a facilitator a mentor, trainer and group coach;
Principles of my work include:


I assist by you by connecting you to the timeless unbounded realities that form and inform the most profound levels of human existence.


I guide you into a place that enables you to feel more fully at home in the universe.


I enable you to realise your presence at this moment in time, is deeply significant and you have a unique role to play at this moment of flux in human history


Irrespective of the professional or personal, I connect you to existential trust by highlighting, enhancing and appreciating everything that is good, beautiful and true about your current existence.


I assist, guide and open up new perspectives that unleash and liberate your inner drives, your latent potential or creative nature, towards an optimally fulfilled and enriched life.


I put you in touch with layers of human experience that offer a fulfilling sense of resolution, resonance and harmony exactly as everything is occurring for you right now.

Typical problems I can help with

Flatlining purpose and motivation

If your purpose has become blurred, flatlining or no longer inspiring, I can assist you get back on track  and align with your true north star. I do this by enabling you to unpack unquestioned worldviews and or self limiting assumptions, which may be impairing your next steps forward.

I assist and encourage you, other clients, teams and groups to develop a diverse range of behaviours, practices, habits and commitments. Which support export the expression and embodiment of their best self/selves, their organisational purpose and or environmental or social mission.

I support you and all my customers to cultivate behaviours, habits and mindsets which mean they can consistently access and develop a buoyancy and inspirational attitude to life. In leading themselves, leadership automatically can become your natural self expression.

New choices challenges

I enable you as an aspirational leader, or those newly appointed, to step forward into a more challenging role or circumstances.  

I assist you to engage with improved confidence and trust in your own talents and capacities. I assist all of my students, followers and colleagues, to make wiser choices that support them to live in wholeness, while acting with an integrity that aligns with their future highest potentials


I aid you to amplify your connection to self, to others, to systems, to nature and to everything that is and everything that is not. This will open up portals of perception that expand your notions and concepts of self. These wider new horizons help you gain entry to transpersonal dimensions which are the ultimate source of unbreakable connection to life itself.

I support you to pause, take a breath, relax, deeply enjoy the blessing and immediacy of the present moment. Renewing the joy in being awake. While doing so my services also activate, strengthen and connects you to the timeless wisdom and unlimited energy that renews, recharges and reframes your whole worldview.

I transmit the understanding, importance and significance of individual consciousness within the precious human life story. Helping you to perceive the greater arc and connect to the transpersonal drift of cosmic evolution.

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